Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Six of the Best 304

"Under legislation passed by the Labour Government in 2000, councils had been required to use what is known as the Leader and Cabinet system of governance. Today - using new powers given to it by the coalition - Cornwall Council chose a system which will give more power to ordinary councillors." A Lanson Boy has good news for Cornish democracy.

The View from Creeting St Peter is excited by the Beccles loop - not the latest dance craze, but a new stretch of track that will mean better rail services for Suffolk.

"Democratic citizens are embodied, take up space, and perform democracy on physical stages at least as much as they engage with ideas in virtual space." Marco Scalvini reviews John Parkinson's Democracy & Public Space for the LSE Review of Books.

My Space - My Opinions makes the journey from psychiatric patient to human being.

The Charles Dickens Museum in London has reopened just in time for Christmas, reports the Los Angeles Times.

William Ahearn chooses some favourite British films.

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