Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Campaign to save former railway weighbridge at Bishop's Castle

I have read that nothing remains of Bishop's Castle station - the terminus of a wonderfully eccentric line that ran from Craven Arms and necessitated reversal halfway through the journey.

But when I was in the town a few years ago I thought that this building looked as though it might have been something to do with the railway. It was in just the right part of the town too.

And I was right, because the Shropshire Star reported last month:
A drive to save one of the only remnants of an ill-fated Shropshire railway line is to be launched. 
The former weighbridge building in Bishop's Castle is one of the only signs that there was ever a railway line linking the town with nearby Craven Arms, which was closed and mostly torn up in 1935. 
Today that building is crumbling, but now a historical society want to get a campaign underway to save it for posterity, with a meeting to whip up interest scheduled for next week.

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