Saturday, September 09, 2017

Neil O'Brien MP did not delete quite all of his tweets

You may recall that Neil O'Brien, the new Conservative MP for Harborough, deleted all his tweets as soon as he was selected to fight the seat.

But, as a reader has kindly pointed out to me, a few older tweets from him did escape the memory hole.

In the autumn of last year O'Brien was the Conservative candidate in a Tandridge District Council by-election.

As part of the campaign he set up a @Neil4Limpsfield Twitter account - and it is still there.

I have skimmed the tweets in that account, but there is nothing terribly exciting - there are no disobliging remarks about Market Harborough, for instance.

He also set up a Facebook page for the campaign, but it is not possible to access that now.

Despite all this social media activity O'Brien failed to hold the Limpsfield ward for the Conservatives. It was gained by Phil Davies for the Oxted and Limpsfield Residents Group.

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