Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Six of the Best 724

Craig Dalzell reviews Alternative War by J.J. Patrick: "[The] claim that the Russian media proudly uses local experts, willing or unwitting, to create a layer of authenticity on top of a more manipulative message is something which gave me pause for thought, especially in light of my own appearances on outlets such as RT."

"Motorway barriers might provide safety, but they are hostile and ugly reminders of past incidents. Instead, our safety measures should commemorate lost lives and take a stride into the future." Jack Sallabank says we should beat terror by making London’s bridges bloom.

Without conversation, philosophy is just dogma, argues Nigel Warburton.

Hilary Green on CSS Shenandoah, the Confederate ship that surrendered at Liverpool. "It was not until they encountered a British owned ship as they sailed south again and were shown newspaper accounts of the surrender that the terrible truth came home to them. For the last three months they had been committing acts of piracy."

"As might be expected from the country’s least-pedestrian pedestrian, some extreme hoofing is involved." Alan Moore reviews Iain Sinclair's The Last London.

What happened to the young starts of the St Trinian's films? Sarah Miller Walters investigates.

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