Friday, September 29, 2017

Six of the Best 728

"The voters hated the Lib Dems going into coalition and still haven’t forgiven them." Right? Wrong, says Mark Pack.

Nick Tyrone asks why the left applies different standards to antisemitism than to any other form of racism.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty has photographs of Karabolka, a Tartar village that was the site of what was then the world's worst nuclear accident in 1957.

Forest Green Rovers are the world's greenest sports team, says Adam Elder.

Lynne Truss contends that, despite at the time being overshadowed by Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, Paul Simon and others, Joni Mitchell will come to be regarded as the greatest exponent of the art of the singer-songwriter.

"It is clear from his work that Awdry disliked change, venerated order, and craved the administration of punishment." Jia Tolentino explores the dark universe of Thomas the Tank Engine.

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