Saturday, September 23, 2017

Six of the Best 726

"All these new members have certainly infused the party with fresh vigour and assurance. But there’s been no discernible shift in the party’s politics at all. It’s as though all these newbies have slipped on their Liberal Democrat membership and discovered that it fits them like a glove." Phil Wainewright suggests that the influx of new members has made surprisingly little difference to the party.

The Universal Credit debate was one of the highlights of the Lib Dem conference, says Caron Lindsay.

Ben Rathe thinks Vince Cable should stop talking about tuition fees.

"These stations were to act as adverts for the underground network; communicating modernity, speed and ease of use; as well as acting a civic hubs, integrating transport, commerce and even education." Modernism in Metro-Land celebrates the Piccadilly Line extension of 1932.

Rob Baker on the career of the British comedian Dickie Henderson: "Today you would almost have to be a pensioner to remember Henderson in his prime, but he was once described by Roy Hudd as 'perhaps the most versatile and certainly the smoothest, most laid-back comedian it had been my pleasure to see'."

Harry Dean Stanton was the character actor with most character, says Jacob Oller.

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