Thursday, September 14, 2017

Liberator on the departure of Tim Gordon and other party gossip

The new Liberator has arrived, so it is time for a taste of the gossip in Radical Bulletin.

There is a piece on tensions in London between new Liberal Democrat candidates, who thought their job was to increase the Lib Dem vote in their own seats, and the party's ruthless targeting strategy.

And one on the departure of Tim Gordon:
His political experience extended little beyond having unsuccessfully contested an Islington council seat in 2006, and while Gordon won genuine plaudits for his financial management - keeping the party afloat while it might well not have - his touch was less sure on political matters. 
Among the problems at HQ were that Tim Farron never put his stamp on it. It has largely been run by Clegg-era holdovers without any sense that Farron had his own people there to deliver what he wanted.
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