Saturday, September 16, 2017

Six of the Best 725

Will Tanner dissects the Conservative Party's problem with young voters.

"Across the country, students are being taught a narrow version of economics where real-world economic issues barely feature." Ten years on, Laura Bannister and Daniel Lapedus wonder if today’s economics graduates could predict and prevent another Northern Rock.

Sarah Carr and Danny Taggart ask if we need a truth and reconciliation process for psychiatry.

"The Holodomor has become a totemic symbol in Ukrainian nation-building efforts; Russian oppression has consolidated a nation once internally divided by dialect, political culture and religion. For the first time in history, Ukraine (however corrupt and impoverished) seems a viable state." Donald Rayfield reviews Anne Applebaum's book on the Ukranian famine.

adragonsbestfriend describes the launch of the Cambridge women’s branch of the Young Liberals’ League in 1910. It elected Eglantyne Jebb as its first president.

"Historians are at a loss to explain why the village suddenly appeared, much less why it was equally as suddenly deserted." The Abergavenny Chronicle on the mystery of a lost village on the slopes of the Sugar Loaf.

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