Sunday, September 03, 2017

Chess author quits as Liam Fox's deputy

After little more than a year in post, Lord Price, the former head of Waitrose, has resigned as a minister in Liam Fox's Department for International Trade.

Mail Online tells us:
Lord Price announced he would write a weekly column in the Daily Telegraph. 
His previous book, The Foolish King, focused on teaching children how to play chess.
The Amazon blurb for The Foolish King runs:
LONG, LONG AGO, when kings ruled the land, dragons filled the sky and magic still existed, two small children stumbled upon the game of chess. ... Join PIP and HOLLY on a magical fairy-tale adventure and become a CHESS MASTER. Packed with INTERACTIVE PUZZLES and GAMES, and clear instructions and tips on how to improve your technique, this book is a must have.
It all sounds a bit twee, but then the book that got me hooked on chess was Raymond Bott and Stanley Morrison's More Chess for Children, and that was full of illustrations of knights and damsels.

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