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Harriet Harman, Theresa May and John Bodkin Adams

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Remember this post from June?
Though he was acquitted of murder at the Old Bailey, there seems little doubt that Eastbourne's Dr John Bodkin Adams was a serial killer along the lines of Harold Shipman. 
The town's rich widows had a habit of changing their wills in his favour and then expiring shortly afterwards. 
As well as having a general practice, Bodkin Adams worked at All Saints Hospital. 
And who was chaplain of All Saints Hospital, Eastbourne, at the time of Bodkin Adams' arrest in 1956? 
The Revd Hubert Brasier, better known today as the father of Theresa May.
The doctor's acquittal was aided by his main expert witness, John B. Harman.

As Wikipedia tells it:
Doctor John Bodkin Adams was tried in 1957 for the murder of an 81-year-old patient, Edith Alice Morrell. Harman was called as the defence's main expert witness. He gave evidence that though the deceased was being prescribed high amounts of heroin and morphine by her general practitioner, it was entirely justified under the circumstances and that it would have done more harm to the patient if the treatment was discontinued. 
During cross-examination, however, it was established: that Harman had himself only ever worked as a general practitioner for a total of two weeks. He had only ever treated a handful of drug addicts – before the war. He had never seen 'spasms' caused by drug addiction, despite acting them out for the court in detail – he had only ever read about them. And furthermore, despite being a witness for the defence, he claimed he had at no time talked to Adams about his treatment of the patient.
John Harman was the father of Harriet Harman.

Join the dots, sheeple. Join the dots.

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