Friday, September 01, 2017

Six of the Best 721

David Hume
"When so-called free marketeers try to defend bosses’ pay, they do the cause of free markets a huge dis-service by encouraging people to equate free markets with what is in effect a rigged system whereby bosses enrich themselves with no obvious benefit to the rest of us." Chris Dillow is right.

Richard Bartholomew dissects The Times reporting of its spurious 'Christian child in Muslim foster care' story.

Jesse Norman on the friendship between Adam Smith and David Hume.

"Just before lunch, a fifty kilogram bomb struck the roof of the school. Sixteen children were killed instantly, two died later from their injuries and thirty were seriously injured." Suzie Grogan reminds us of the largely forgotten bombing campaign waged against London by Germany during the First World War.

"Among the trees and memorials of Abney Park cemetery in Stoke Newington, a huge white marble lion sleeps peacefully." Caroline explains why.

Caitlin Green takes us to the lost islands of the Lincolnshire coast.

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