Saturday, September 09, 2017

Golden Wonder technical department, Springfield Street, Market Harborough

Edinburgh House, Golden Wonder's old head office in Abbey Street, Market Harborough, has been converted into a hotel, restaurants and shops.

But when I worked there in the 1980s the company owned two other sites in the town.

There was the merchandising warehouse on the Riverside industrial estate. I once rescued a sales promotion for Odduns (a long forgotten snack) there, sorting the paperwork and parcelling out the bottles of wine that cash and carries had earned for stocking it. But I now have no idea where it was.

And there was the technical department in Springfield Street, where new ideas were cooked up. Think of it as the Willy Wonka's factory of the crisp and snack world.

This was housed in a light industrial unit and I had assumed that all trace of it has been swept away when flats were built on the site.

But this morning I noticed these gates and the slope down, which must mark the way you got to it..

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