Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Daily Mail goes to the Glee Club

In his foreword to the new Liberator Songbook, Lord Bonkers addressed himself to those attending for the first time:
You may see impressionable young journalists wandering around the hall. If you do, please be gentle with them. 
Newspapers publish horrified exposés of the Glee Club ever year. I think there must be some sort of legal requirement upon them, so it is best not to worry about it too much.
Sure enough, Tim Sculthorpe, the deputy political editor of Mail Online, went along and came away with revelations to freeze his readers' blood:
The booze-fuelled party, which took place on the final night of this year's party conference, also saw party members sing the 'Ode to Charlie'. 
The controversial lyrics, first produced after Charles Kennedy died due to complications from alcoholism, concludes: 'Charlie is pissed again.' 
Another song performed at the 2017 edition included 'Country Garden' which mocks David Cameron over allegations in a book by Lord Ashcroft about his student days and a pig.
I don't know who told him 'Ode to Charlie' was written after Charles Kennedy died: it dates from the 1990s if not the 1980s.

And while I can understand the Mail asterisking 'Fuck', I don't suppose even its readers would be offended by the 'off'.

Incidentally, the Mail illustrated the article with the original words of 'Country Garden', which long predate Isabel Oakeshott's fantasy about David Cameron and a pig.

This allows me to repeat my boast that I was responsible for a couple of verses of that first version.

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