Thursday, September 04, 2008

Lembit on a scooter

What is the Estonian for "irrepressible"?

From Eco soundings in yesterday's Guardian:

What do Liberal Democrat MP Lembit Opik and Lord Attlee, Conservative shadow Defra spokesman, have in common? Their love of the Segway Personal Transporter, the self-balancing scooter that has yet to take Britain by storm.

That failure is less down to the popularity of the bicycle, the company claims, and more because of a ban on the use of Segways on public roads. Opik and his friends will take to their Segways for a protest outside the Commons next week against the ban.


Edis said...


I am told the Estonian is 'alistamatu' but others say this means 'indominitable' and that irrepressible is 'allasurumatu'or possibly one of these terms:

alla surumatu, alla-surumatu, elustumatu, ilastamatu, õilistumatu, elustamatu, elustumata, ilustamatu, plisseerimatu, pulseerimatu, ilastamata, ülistamatu, eelistamatu, õilistamatu, õilistumata

The easiest way to learn Estonin by the way is to learn Finnish first.

Jonathan Calder said...

And I thought it was a rhetorical question!

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