Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Conservative candidate "spoken to by police"

From BBC News:

An election candidate hoping to win the Gedling seat in Nottinghamshire has been spoken to by police about his behaviour to shopkeepers in Mapperley.

Conservative candidate Bruce Laughton was allegedly confrontational with traders who exhibited posters opposing car parking charges.

Mr Laughton said he apologised if he had upset anyone but was "just campaigning on their behalf".

Police said they spoke to Mr Laughton but he had not committed any offence.

This incident received considerable publicity on the East Midlands regional television news yesterday evening.


Anonymous said...

Is it my imagination (or perhaps the Blogs reporting) or have there been far more mishaps of all varieties to Labour and Conservative candidates than ever before?

There's another one today involving the Labour candidate and a roundabout in marginal Gravesham.

Simon Titley said...

I suspect that the impression of more mishaps has been created by the internet. Now that every local newspaper has a website and stories quickly circulate via blogs (such as this one), no such incident can be kept local any more.