Friday, April 16, 2010

A video of the young David Cameron

Fast forward to about 3:15 to see him come in...

But seriously folks, this is an extract from the BBC's 1971 adaptation of Tom Brown's Schooldays.
Tom Brown has already fallen foul of Flashman's father Sir Richard - a character unknown to Thomas Hughes - hence the viciousness of his welcome.

As this blog once revealed, Sir Richard Flashman was played by the actor Gerald Flood, who is Toby Flood's grandfather.


Richard Gadsden said...

Flashy's father might have been unknown to Thomas Hughes, but he is covered by George Macdonald Fraser, which is perhaps where they got him from

Richard Gadsden said...

Mind you, Fraser's version is Henry Buckley Flashman, not Sir Richard Flashman. Fraser didn't name him until 1997, but he was included (as "my father") in the original "Flashman" novel of 1969, so they still could have gotten the character from there.