Saturday, April 17, 2010

The first debate: Flashman, Tom Brown and Sigismund the Mad Maths Master

The leaders' debates must be a particular strain for David Cameron because he is acting the whole time. Those who encountered him before he entered Parliament do not recognise the caring, frowning with concern character they now see on their screens.

In truth, he would much rather be tossing a fag in a blanket or having the gardeners boy thrashed. And a little bit of the real Cameron can be seen in the arrogant way he pulled Nick Clegg back as he went to the audience at the end of the first debate - see the video.

If Cameron is Flashman, that must mean that Nick Clegg is Tom Brown - the symbol of all that is best in upright British youth.

So who is Gordon Brown?

In the first debate he looked tired and careworn. I can recognise that Brown is a decent man, but with his love of statistics he is a classic Labourite and not my sort of person.

To find a parallel for him we must leave Dr Arnold's Rugby and travel to St Custards.

Gordon Brown is Sigismund the Mad Maths Master.

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