Sunday, April 18, 2010

Six of the Best 37

Mark Pack reports the success of The Facebook group "We got Rage Against the Machine to #1, we can get the Lib Dems into office!" It is now bigger than the Conservative and Labour Facebook pages combined and, remarkably, bigger than the Liberal Democrats' paid-up membership.

Following Nick's triumph in first leaders' election, the Conservatives are threatening greater scrutiny of Liberal Democrat policies. (There are even unconfirmed reports that David Cameron may read our manifesto before the second debate.) Bring it on! says Liberal Endevour.

Giles Wilkes (aka The Freethinking Economist) has a piece on Comment is Free dissecting the anger of the Conservative Party as the voters refuse to share its sense of entitlement and opt for the Liberal Democrats instead.

Jonathan Fryer detects the rebirth of Orpington Man.

At the end of a remarkable week, Skipper asks if the Liberal Democrats can maintain their momentum.

Meanwhile, away from the fray, English Buildings visits Shobdon in Herefordshire and finds the remains of a remarkable church.


Simon Titley said...

Your link to Giles Wilkes's CiF article mistakenly points to Mark Pack.

Jonathan Calder said...

Fixed, thanks.

dreamingspire said...

Paid up Membership? I did, for a year, got fed up with the begging letters. Not likely to do it again - despite a Liberal tradition in my family that I can track back into the 19th Century.