Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Six of the Best 39

Duncan Borrowman catches Esther Rantzen taking down Liberal Democrat posters in Luton. What he fails to add was that she was later caught persuading old age pensioners to show their knickers and threatening people with suggestively shaped vegetables. We phoned the Gas Board. "It's nothing to do with us," they said.

Despite having Rantzen to contend with, Qurban Hussain’s campaign in Luton South has been praised as “an impressive effort” by Michael Crick, says Strange Thoughts.

Caron's Musings directs us to the Making Your Mind Up video from Total Politics.

Rising from its sick bed for a moment, Love and Liberty identifies three politicians who simply aren't up to it.

Beer Street will take you to CAMRA's dissection of the various manifestos as they affect pubs and beer drinkers. Oh, and Adnams are opening a distillery in Southwold.

Finally, the Market Harborough counterfeit fish story has reached New Zealand at The Fundy Post and been commented on by a Booker Prize winner. I have reason to believe that Keri H is Keri Hulme, who won it with The Bone People in 1985.


Helen Jones said...

Ah, was waiting for.. We phoned the Gas Board. They said "Sausages".. ;-)

Paul said...

Thank you for the link. That is indeed Keri Hulme. And best of luck for the General Election. Britain needs some Liberal Democracy.