Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sunny Hundal wins Idiot of the Day

I don't like to be rude, but just how ignorant do you have to be to write a sentence like this?

Step forward Sunny Hundal:
Identifying Lib Dem pockets of voters and organising activists to start knocking on doors on polling day to get them out would be another strategy Cowley Street is or should be thinking about.

What does he imagine we normally do during election campaigns and on polling day?

I shall study Mr Hundal's writings more closely in future. I may have been missing a comic treat.

Thanks to Nick Barlow.


MatGB said...

He imagines, mostly correctly, that we only run a GOTV campaign in key target areas where we've an established campaign presence, and tend to do so with established confirmed supporters only.

To actually win this one, or take largest party, we'll need a GOTV ground campaign with unknown voters in seats we're barely working. The national polls say it's possible, but.

Sure, Sunny's obvious lack of knowledge of campaign strategy and methods is palpable, and amusingly depressing at times, but he's right on the main point of the article.

(SRSLY, he thinks the Obama techniques he learnt in the US are new)

Duncan said...

I agree with Matt. It's worth noting that overall strategy hasn't (to my knowledge) changed since the new polling/vote surge came out which is crazy. A lot of effort up here in Scotland is still focused on Edinburgh South despite the fact the bookies prediction is that we'll have a sizeable majority almost certainly; we should/ought to have switched to seats previously though only vaguely winnable (Edinburgh North & Leith, for example). If there's a 10% swing from Labour to us we ought to act as such in our strategic decision making.

I don't see any sign that effective use is being made of what sudden grassroots interest there is. Why aren't there high level Lib Dems going on the Rage Against the Machine group to encourage them? If we had any sense, as a party, we'd use the video (with spelling and webaddress corrections) as our next party political and make a big thing of how this was produced by someone that wasn't paid, wasn't a party activist and quite possibly never voted for us before. This grassroots is different than the Obama one; this is genuinely spontaneous and frankly if polling figures don't translate into seats on May 6th a lot of people at Cowley Street and Clifton Terrace need a good slap.

David Cox said...

I think he means the party should try to contact, for example young people, possibly using the members of the ‘Rage’ facebook; as well as our normal knock up.

And Sunny is right because share of votes is going to be important.