Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nick Clegg wins two standing ovations from Royal College of Nursing conference

Nick Clegg has been addressing the largest nursing union in Bournemouth today, reports the Guardian:

Clegg's speech, emphasising "fairness" and accountability, won two standing ovations as he sought to position the Lib Dems as the party NHS workers could trust.

He offered a radical new blueprint of the NHS, with employees forming John Lewis-style companies to take over services, and said trusts would be governed by Swedish-style health boards made up of local people rather than central government appointees.

"Local health boards [will be] answerable to the people who use the local NHS: two-thirds of the members directly elected by local people and the final third indirectly elected representatives from local councils," he added.

I am very pleased to see this emphasis in our health policy. You can read the whole speech on PoliticsHome.


LibCync said...

Not that you'd know it from watching the BBC news!

Tristan said...

That's the sort of policy to make even me sit up and go 'ooh!' (almost did it outloud too, except I'm eating a mint).

Now what about similar things for education?