Sunday, April 25, 2010

Six of the Best 43

Mark Reckons that David Cameron's words on coalitions during this election campaign may prove indigestible in the event of a hung parliament.

While Always Win When You're Singing asks what would you call someone who followed an attractive woman as she purchased underwear. Pervert? No, it's a Daily Mail reporter.

Our latest Idiot the Day is Keith Warnell, Tory deputy mayor of Bishop's Stortford. LibCync explains why he richly deserves his award.

Paul Edie's Blog gives awards too. "Top Prize for the most surreal press event of the election goes to the Elvis impersonator who dropped into the Labour campaign this afternoon."

Jayne McCoy has temporarily unsuspended her Diary of a Councillor to bring us the reaction to Nick Clegg and the leaders' debates on the Sutton doorstep.

Go Litel Blog, Go ... finds Northamptonshire diminished by the departure to Sussex of Monty Panesar, the Sikh of tweak.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Monty P is not being over worked by his new county.

In their recent win Monty P was not asked to bowl a single delivery in the two completed innings by Worcestershire.

He may wish he had stayed at Northamptonshire.