Monday, April 26, 2010

Evening Standard: Lib Dem surge could transform London

From the Standard's leader column today:
The transformation that Nick Clegg has effected in British politics as a result of the television debates is gradually becoming clear. Our poll today suggests that support for the Liberal Democrats in the capital has surged from 16 to 28 per cent, winning them three London seats from Labour including Islington, Hampstead and Ealing Central.
This is an extraordinary trend, one that calls into doubt many old certainties about local political allegiances. Mr Clegg is apparently managing to persuade a remarkable cross-section of the electorate to consider voting differently, or voting at all.
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Anonymous said...

I doubt we will win Ealing Central. But Islington S and Hampstead, plus holding our existing seats would be good prizes indeed. I'd say Holbon & St Pancras was a good outside bet, too.