Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Six of the Best 40

Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, Stephen Tall is proud to announce that the Lib Dems lead the digital way - on the Web, on Twitter and on Facebook.

Liberal Burblings dispels "the myth of the first debate", pointing out that the Liberal Democrats were rising in the polls before Nick's triumph last Thursday evening.

"If a Lib Dem majority or minority are totally out of the question, and a formal coalition still seems pretty weird, then what other options are there?" The Futility Monster tells you.

Missives from Doktorb looks at the Daily Mail's rather lame attack on the Liberal Democrats today. "I will warn you, it's ... about Level 5 on the "Palin Scale."

The significance of the Tories' "Let's Cut Benefits..." poster is examined by The Ex-Communicator: "It looks to me like a refocus on the Tory home ground, giving up the reach-out to new supporters, and no longer aiming to be a uniting party. I assume it is a reaction to the consolidation of the Lib Dems in the centre ground. It's a significant last minute change of direction. I find it a surprising tactical choice, like the similar late lurch of John McCain to the right."

Andrew Hickey selects 30 tracks to further the education of a teenage correspondent who wants to learn more about sixties music. I checked it anxiously and he has included a Spencer Davis Group track for my benefit.

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