Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six of the Best 36

How did Nick Clegg spend the day after his triumph in the TV debate? A Lanson Boy has the answers, following him to Warrington and Hull. The photo, showing Nick addressing a crowd in the former, comes from that blog too.

Back from the USA, David Boyle has written a post on The Real Blog for the first time in a while. In it he draws a lesson from Nick's success:
The best form of defence is attack, and there is no area where we can’t formulate policies based on clear Liberal thinking which can be used to press forward the cause. Anything else is a kind of pathetic sense that what we believe is somehow bound always to be unpopular.
The World Forgetting, By the World Forgot looks at the Tories' warnings that our policies will now undergo much greater scrutiny. He asks why they have not got around to doing it in two and a half hours of televised debate with Nick and Vince Cable.

Quaequam Blog! offers a review of the first week of the campaign from afar - or at least from behind his computer screen. His conclusion is that "there is everything to play for, but nothing is going to be easy".

If you are looking for good resources on the development of poor nations, you will not do better than the list offered by Owen Abroad.

And finally... Left and to the Back has discovered a novelty record Andrew Sachs issued in the character of Manuel from Fawlty Towers. Sachs, it turns out, was served with an injunction by Joe Dolce over his attempt to release a rival version of "Shaddap You Face".

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