Friday, April 23, 2010

Six of the Best 41

On Liberal Democrat Voice, Mark Pack examines the fine detail of opinion polls taken following yesterday's second leaders' debate: "Clegg’s performance continues to attract people to the party which Cameron’s performance did no more than tread water for the party overall."

During that debate, Andrew Sullivan wrote a live blog for The Atlantic. He concludes:
Clegg grasps the change mantle, the Obama message, in a restive and anti-political country. In that sense, I think he won this. And I would not be surprised to see his party emerge - historically - as the leader in this race.
Don't Get Fooled Again finds the Conservatives using legal threats to censor the BBC's Ashcroft exposé, then making false and misleading claims about their record on press freedom.

Slugger O'Toole examines the baleful effect of the Tory blogosphere on the fortunes of the Conservative Party:

The Tory blogosphere is crowded out with crude market-libertarians. I’ve rarely met one of these in real life, and when I have (with notable exceptions) they’re a bunch of isolated fruitcakes with a faith-based one-size-fits-all solution to every problem.

But as an online force, it’s one with enough gravitational pull to affect the Tory party. And because this echo-chamber responded so positively, did the Tories actually think that the wider public would buy their shrill obsessions about big government?

A few days ago Hand + Star surveyed the three runners in the contest for Oxford's Professor of Poetry, complete with a video of the magisterial Geoffrey Hill, poet laureate of Mercia.

And Something for the Weekend has the video of Monty Python's soccer match between teams of German and Greek philosophers.

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