Thursday, April 29, 2010

Third debate: The verdict

Another score draw for me. Nothing that has happened in the latter two debates has done much to change the picture established in the first. Nick is in the big league and at the top of if for much of the time.

The most interesting thing I read on Twitter during the debate was that when Cameron repeatedly attacked Nick Clegg over immigration both their ratings went down.

And the Liberal Democrats don't have to convince everybody, just the more liberal 40 per cent of voters. I think Nick put his case well enough to do that.

Now we wait for the polls and the worms to tell us who won and how we should vote.

Later. What strikes me most about David Cameron is the complete disconnect between the generous sentiments he expresses and the hard policies he espouses. Just as his campaign posters having nothing at all to do with the cerebral Big Society ideas of the manifesto.

Is that a sign of confusion in the Tory camp - Steve Hilton vs Andy Coulson? Or is the more liberal stuff just calculation?

And Gordon Brown looked tired and hardly bothered to defend 13 years of Labour government. Are there no achievements he is proud of? It was all about making us turn to him because we fear the future.


Anonymous said...

I fear the future, specifically if we end up with another five years of Worn & Tired New Labour.

Anonymous said...

You should fear the future more if the right wing Tories run by Murdoch are elected!!!!!

wolfi said...

German news also reported very favouritely on the Libdems - Brown got only "Mitleid" for his loser position ...