Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cricket snippets for The Corridor

I have just made a posting on The Corridor with some snippets about cricket from various blogs.

One of them has not previously appeared here on Liberal England. The Bureau of Sabotage is astounded to find a double-barrelled cricketer turning out for Yorkshire, but I quote an observation of his on football:
I remember Plymouth Argyle’s clogging centre-half Forbes Phillipson-Masters, who talked like Adge Cutler and who had his own terrace chant that started “Give us an ‘F’ – ‘F’”, “Give us an ‘O’ – ‘O’” and went through all the letters of his name including “Give us a hyphen – Hyphen”.

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Anonymous said...

Almost as astounding is that Yourkshire have an Oxford Blue - Joe Sayers - in the team; the first, I think, since Steve Coverdale in the late 1970s. Coverdale only made a handful of appearances for Yorkshire because the late lamented Bluey Bairstow - whose youngest is now making his own mark for God's Own Country - was firmly in possession of the stumper's gloves; a frustration that also pushed Steve Rhodes out later on.