Monday, April 12, 2010

More candidates making unwise use of Twitter

Following the self-defenestration of Steve MacLennan it was inevitable that there would be a hunt for other candidates who have sent questionable messages through Twitter.

Writing on Lib Dem Voice, Ryan Cullen has found one in the shape of Chris Hawes, Tory candidate for the Leavesden ward of Three Rivers Council. Still, at least Hawes was abusing Nick Clegg rather than the workers, as Labour PPC MacLennan was.

But the dangers of Twitter can be more subtle. Kevin McKeever, the Labour PPC for Harborough, left a pile of leaflets in some sheltered accommodation here in Market Harborough on Saturday morning

One of them was subsequently given to me, and it carries the address of his Twitter feed. Go there and you find a tweet he sent early on Saturday afternoon:
Done in Harborough, now off to join @peterbowers, @Gavinlambert in Corby #labourdoorstep
I don't want to be sententious here. When, like McKeever, you are a candidate in a seat that you have no chance of winning, it makes good sense to devote some of your time to working in a neighbouring marginal.

But I wonder how impressed Labour workers or voters in Harborough would be if they read this message?

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Ian Ridley said...

Even better than that, his Twitter feed shows up on Sky's Harborough Constituency page:

And if you scroll down you will see the tweet in question!