Saturday, July 24, 2010

Glendon and Rushton station

Last year I visited to Rushton Triangular Lodge. I was back in the village again today.

This is Glendon and Rushton station on the Midland mainline between Market Harborough and Kettering. It closed a few weeks before I was born.

Wikipedia says the station opened in 1857 as Rushton - unsurprisingly, as it is right in the village. It was renamed in 1896 to avoid confusion with the larger Rushden, which is also in in Northamptonshire.


Chris Matthews said...

Nice windows in an early Norman style? Reminds me a little of the Durham Cathedral. Local limestone too perhaps? In fact is is the same architect as the Wellingborough station - oh I think it might be:


I Know the station well back in the 1960s I was a signalman at the station signal box, The signal box was on the other side of the main line, In those days the railway sideings were used to transport iron ore to the north of England, A firm called Nassingtons used to mine the ore from nearby pits, long gone, I will always remember Mr Beswick the station master at the time.

Jonathan Calder said...

Thanks for your memories, Philip.

I believe an aerial ropeway used to cross the road near the triangular lodge. It must have been a very different landscape in those days.