Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Lib-Lab coalition in Scotland?

“They couldn’t possibly do that,” say the strategists and plotters, “Not even the Liberal Democrats could be in power in two places at once, in two different coalitions, with two different partners pursuing radically different policies.”

Ah, but they can and, given half a chance, they almost certainly will and here is why.

Read Hamish Macdonell in the Caledonian Mercury to find out why, when the bookies start taking bets on next year's Holyrood election:
it might be worth thinking about the following: Iain Gray as First Minister, Tavish Scott as his Deputy, Nicola Sturgeon as Leader of the Opposition and the Tories in post-election meltdown trying to choose a new leader.


Kristofer Keane said...

The slight problem with that theory is that with each passing poll, the Lib Dems are looking more and more likely to be all but wiped out. Labour/Green coalition seems more likely now.

Jonathan Calder said...

Have there been any opinion polls conducted in Scotland since the general election?

JohnM said...

I'm hoping that after our - very well publicised party conference - we will be seen as the real progressives just trying to do the best for the people given the complex electoral arithmetic of FPTP.

Two different coalitions in two parliaments? Yes, just as we might be in two different towns. Everyone is going to have to excel in managing cuts and to try and achieve social aims with less money.

crewegwyn said...


Were you one of those predicting Lib Dem collapse in Scotland at the GE?

Remind me, how many of our 2005 seats did we lose in 2010?

Oh yes, none.