Friday, July 09, 2010

Six of the Best 73

Birkdale Focus reports on Andrew Stunell's meeting with Liberal Democrat councillors at the Local Government Association Conference: "It was interesting that although few doubted the way ahead was going to be rough the number who thought we had made the wrong call was incredibly small." I like his concept of "headless chickens" too.

Alex Massie, on the Spectator website, suggests the Liberal Democrat vote could well be more resilient than most pundits suggest. Not only that: "The Tories are supposed to be a pragmatic party: that means they need to take care of the Lib Dems because in helping them they're also helping their own medium and long-term prospects."

It has been a good day for libel reform at Westminster, says consider, evaluate, act.

Jack of Kent complains of the "disgraceful and improper" conduct of Hackney Council towards the Conservatives' mayoral candidate Andrew Boff.

Don't tinker with the vetting rules, scrap them, says Josie Appleton on Spiked, responding to Nick Clegg’s call for suggestions for laws and regulations that should be scrapped.

Eugene Goodheart, writing for Dissent Magazine, defends Barack Obama against attacks on him by what has been his liberal constituency.

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