Sunday, July 11, 2010

Six of the Best 74

Writing in the Observer, Henry Porter praises the coalition government: "Despite George Osborne's budget, despite what we know is coming down the pike in the way of spending cuts, unemployment, the erosion of pensions and the possibility of a deeper recession, the coalition is popular, or at least tolerated, because the daily exercise of power seems more humane, reasonable and commonsensical than at any time during the last five years under Tony Blair and Gordon Brown."

But how, asks The Devil's Knife, will people be able to vote for the coalition at the next election if they share Porter's enthusiasm? The comments suggests possible answers.

Les Bonner quotes Norman Baker on his ambition to be "the first virtual transport minister".

"You're sipping a cold beer on a hot summers evening seated outside a bar in a beautiful cobbled medieval street surrounded by marvellous ancient buildings. Brugge? Ghent? Vienna? Munich? Well yes, but what if this could be in cosy old Leicester?" Only in Leicester calls for the reopening of the Castle Inn within the bailey of the city's Norman castle.

Foxy Lady, the writer of Garden Fox Watch, reports that her cats are well able to show the fox cubs growing up the back garden who is boss. The photo above has been borrowed from this blog too.

IanVisits takes us down to the spooky catacombs under West Norwood Cemetery in South London.

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