Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Six of the Best 78

Nick Clegg stood in at prime minister's questions today. Nick Thornsby's Blog was impressed: "I thought Nick Clegg handled himself extremely well, looking reasonable, intelligent and fluent. Jack Straw proved a difficult opponent, though not because he scored some big hits against Clegg. Frankly, Straw’s line of questioning was just plain weird. He went on for far too long on some technical points that, if we’re honest, nobody really knows or cares much about."

Jonathan Wallace was not impressed by Her Majesty's Opposition: "Labour ... are completely obsessed with having a go at the Lib Dems, to the exclusion of the issues that matter to most people. It makes them feel good to be beastly to the Lib Dems but its not the sort of behaviour that will give them victory at the general election in 2015."

"The future of Phil Woolas as Saddleworth’s MP will be decided by an election court in less than two months’ time. It was revealed today that two High Court judges will travel to Oldham for five days of hearings, beginning on Monday 13 September." Read all about it at Saddleworth News.

The blog Save Bray Studios has been set up to prevent the destruction of the former home of Hammer Films.

Random Blowe brings news that tomorrow the Director of Public Prosecutions will announce whether any police officer will face criminal charges over the death of Ian Tomlinson. And also news of a demonstration in support of Tomlinson's family.

The current Leicestershire Festival of Archaeology is covered by Culture 24.


dreamingspire said...

Mr Angry Straw better than having Mr Angry Balls, I thought. Lab seems to be parading its tortured windbags these days, while the Millipedes quietly wait in the wings.

Charles Wheeler said...

"... looking reasonable, intelligent and fluent."

That just about sums it up. The excrement is hurtling toward the fan, but as long as Nick and Dave remain polite and good mannered as they dismantle what remains of social provision and the welfare state all will be well with the Lib Dem world. Don't you just love them - always so presentable and compliant.