Friday, July 02, 2010

Six of the Best 70

Liberal Burblings is far from impressed by the arguments of those intending to campaign against the Alternative Vote.

The coalition's new penal policy wins support from Richard Baum: "It is simply silly to keep sending people to prison, if all that happens to them there is that they bide their time before being released to re-offend and head straight back! If people are detained, we should educate, rehabilitate, and make very sure that when they leave they are as unlikely as possible to re-offend again."

Anna Raccoon defends anonymty on the net. "Some people have a genuine need for anonymity, and journalists have been quick to point out that the ‘cloak of anonymity’ which is so embedded in Web culture, allows some of the most useful tips offs to appear in comments sections. Where would Guido be without his anonymous tip-off line?"

Labour warmly embraced the practice of holding press briefings before making announcements in the Commons when they were in power. So there is "an unhealthy stink of hypocrisy" when they feign outrage over it today, says Lobbydog. True, but that does not make it right when the coalition does it.

Jon Slattery follows the progress of the Lord Mayor of Leicester's trousers around the globe.

The Tyburn is another of London's lost rivers. But that does not stop the Tyburn Angling Socety, explains edible geography.

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