Saturday, July 03, 2010

A reminder of the wonder of Vince Cable

From Black Dog in tomorrow's Mail on Sunday:

Vince Cable had an awkward moment when he got himself a cuppa and crumpet in Westminster’s deeply tribal tea room and walked to the table where the Lib Dems gather – to find no one there.

He looked up to see a gang of Tory Right-wingers sitting at their own table – and hesitated.

‘Don’t be scared, join us,’ joked one.

He did. And held them spellbound for an hour. The wonder of Vince


Red Rag said...

His table manners must be far more enthralling than his political thinking as the Tories are taking absolutely no notice of his economic idea that cutting too soon would harm the economy.

dreamingspire said...

On what evidence are they taking no notice? Have they said that they will definitely cut in the manner that will be too soon and too deep in Vince's eyes? The overnight story is of departmental planning for scenarios up to a 40% cut, which is a prudent planning approach because there is a significant risk of another global financial meltdown. The actual decision comes later - after the autumn review would be the first watershed time.
Let's see some adult comment, please.