Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Langton's, Church Gate, Leicester

Langton's in Church Gate is a good furniture shop, but the building has seen better days. In fact it now resembles Reginald Perrin's employer Sunshine Desserts.

The Church Gate conservation area character appraisal (PDF dowloadable from here) says:

Finally on the east side of Church Gate, the premises occupied by Langton’s (81 Church Gate) at the corner of Gravel Street are of interest. They were built as a garage (Castle’s Motors) in the 1930s, probably at the time when Gravel Street was extended.

It is in Art deco style – popular for such uses at that time - and features a tower that acts as a prominent local landmark.


Philip Wilkinson said...

Fascinating. I don't know Leicester well enough but clearly I owe it another visit. I wonder if there was originally parking on the roof.

Anonymous said...

It certainly has a Lido look to it!

Anonymous said...

Great shop lovely atmosphere some of the sofas are named after people ones called "Amy" "Ella" "Jade" ect. Brilliant!