Friday, July 16, 2010

Zac Goldmith on Channel 4 News this evening

Zac Goldsmith was on Channel 4 News earlier this evening to answer questions about his election expenses for the Richmond Park constituency at the general election. He gained the seat from Susan Kramer and the Liberal Democrats in a closely fought contest.

If you missed it you should watch the video of his encounter with Jon Snow. There is some background on the Channel 4 News website.


Manfarang said...

What an interview!
Gives the word cavalier new meaning.

Mark said...

Oddly, Goldsmith's antics during that interview actually make him appear more guilty than he actually is.

When he finally got round to dealing with the questions, his answers were pretty plausible, but by then he just look evasive and weasely - and the posh, hectoring air of self-entitlement didn't help either.