Sunday, July 25, 2010

Six of the Best 79

The Real Blog calls for a Big Society or Co-production Guarantee to enshrine the coalition’s rhetoric. It would "back innovators against bureaucracies, and would back local against the centre. But it would also back local people against streamlined corporate power."

If you like football then you may want to join the unofficial Lib Dem fantasy premier league, says Chris Wilson on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Writing from Tallinn, Cicero's Songs draws a worrying comparison: "Estonia is a genuinely flexible market - and the UK is not. Estonia, with relatively low levels of total debt and extremely low levels of government debt- less than 9% of GDP - is not carrying the burden of unfunded pension liabilities that is crippling the UK."

Max Atkinson compares the Labour leadership candidates' communication skills.

"Large parts of the Conservative party that runs local authorities up and down the country ... [are] reactionary, authoritarian and 'tough on crime' for the sake of being 'tough on crime' to the point of bringing great detriment to local communities and personal freedoms," argues Hypnotic Monkey Business.

English Buildings, one of the blogs that has most influenced this one, celebrates its third anniversary at St Pancras station - where I took this photograph.

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Philip Wilkinson said...

Many thanks for your continued appreciation, Jonathan, for blogging so interestingly yourself, and, by the way, for introducing me to the richest of the Pathé site.