Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The miniature railway in Abbey Park, Leicester

As well as two sets of ruins and the statue of Cardinal Wolsey, Leicester's Abbey Park contains a miniature railway.

According to the page of the Leicester Society of Model Engineers, whose headquarters by the railway occupy a more impressive building than you find on most country stations, the line has a ground level railway in Abbey Park catering for 7 ¼” and 5” gauges and a raised track catering for 5”, 3 1/2”, 2 ½” and 1¼" gauges.

The railway at Coate Water, Swindon, is also 5" gauge.

Note that the Abbey Park line recognises the importance of tea to English leisure activities.

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Sol said...

There is another place like this in New Malden as well for those looking for excitement in South West London.