Thursday, August 05, 2010

CCTV in Leicester

So there we were by the graffitied sign at the thin end of the wedge that is Wash Brook Park.

At the far end, if you emerge at one corner you are beside The Lancaster School ("Lancy Boys") of Gareth Malone and Boys Don't Sing fame.

Emerge at other corner and you enter an area of council housing that I wrote about in April 2004 (23 April):
I walked into Leicester down streets of council housing. You could tell they were council houses because of the tall metal columns topped with CCTV cameras.
The scene was a cross between the old East Germany and a work of science fiction.
The photograph here shows one of those columns.

Just after I took it a community support officer cycled past and said Hello, so perhaps there is hope.

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Charlieman said...

I recall that those bizarre elevated cameras started to appear following a series of rapes and sexual assaults on the Great Central Way footpath. They are still there today and more popped up a few years later in Victoria Park for similar reasons.

Their impact has been negligible. Sadly, the university repeats its warning not to cross Victoria Park alone after dusk on an annual basis.