Sunday, August 15, 2010

Live from The Stiperstones Inn

You join me in one of my favourite watering holes - The Stiperstones Inn. A photograph of it will appear in a day or two. Later: It has!

This morning I got off the Shrewsbury bus at White Grit and walked here via Squilver and The Bog. You don't get place names like that anywhere else.

Skittles still thrives* and the pub still has its free internet scheme. It's not just a hotspot: they will hand you a laptop over the bar.

The beer is good and they serve food all day, every day. In fact the place is so good and so remote that I am afraid I may have imagined it.

In just the same way, Bishop's Castle - two pubs that brew their own beer, the best second-hand classical record shop I know - is surely too good to be true. One day I shall turn up there and find just a bare, green hillside.

* I am told that Skittles turned up at the kitchen door one day, was fed duck and decided to stay and serve as pub cat. Well, you would.


paul barker said...

My fave placename is "New Machine", a tiny hamlet in the Pennines.

dreamingspire said...

How about Nempnett Thrubwell in Somerset? Also known as Fairy's Toot or Fairy Toot (according to (I have Somerset roots, but not at Fairy Toot.)

David from London said...

Stratton Strawless in Norfolk.

suzegrit said...

Don't you mean via Shelve and The Bog? Squilver is a bit out of the way and you would reach The Bog (the cakes are still excellent!) before Squilver

Jonathan Calder said...

I was talking about Squilver Farm near White Grit, not the Squilver near the Stiperstones car park.