Tuesday, August 24, 2010

In praise of Bridgnorth

The town trail leafleft said:

The influence of the past is all around the visitor to an historic town such as Bridgnorth. The medieval castle, Victorian shop fronts, steam railway, elegant promenade, river-port and timber-framed house and inns are all encountered in this study "on the ground" of the rich and varied history of the town.

The Trail starts from the library but can be joined at any point on the route. It can be completed in about an hour, but more time will be needed if every feature is explored in full.

It took me more like four and a half hours, but that did include stopping for a haircut in the Low Town which not every visitor will do.

The town has two significant churches, both in remarkable settings. The wide St Leonard's (medieval but practically rebuilt in the 19th century) is placed in something close to a cathedral close. Thomas Telford's St Mary Magdalene closes off a fine Georgian street - and was aligned North-South to achieve this.

The best restaurant I found during my stay in Bridgnorth was Bambers; the best pubs were the Black Boy on the Cartway and the Railwayman's Arms at the Severn Valley Railway station.

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