Monday, August 30, 2010

Mike Hancock's assistant in Russian spy probe shock

According to the Portsmouth newspaper The News, Lib Dem MP Mike Hancock has:
leapt to the defence of his parliamentary assistant following reports she is under investigation by MI5 over possible links with Russian intelligence.
Verily, you could not make it up.

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Unknown said...

"Welcome to Britain - are you a spy?"

Perhaps a tad insulting, though I suppose Mr Hancock is on a sensitive committee so it's not totally ridiculous.

What concerns more me is the implication in the article that Russian citizens regularly get questioned by immigration officials. What's the point? Do they expect someone to say "Yes, as a matter of fact I'm carrying some Polonium to get rid of a pesky Russian exile"?!

Since we as a country benefit a lot from foreign tourists and students we should think twice before harrassing people just because they happen to be Russian or some other nationality.