Monday, August 23, 2010

Why Undercover Boss can be had for the workers

The news that some of the performers on The X Factor have had their voices enhanced (i.e. made in tune) reinforces my long-held belief that nothing on television is what it seems.

Another example is the show Undercover Boss, where a highly paid manager is shown in a good light. Because the programme can be less beneficial for the less well-paid workers involved, as the Watford Observer shows:

When hotel handyman Michael Doherty was asked if he wanted to star in a TV documentary he jumped at the chance, believing it would be “a bit of a laugh” – a chance to get his face on the telly and raise a few laughs with his mates.

What he never imagined, however, was that his brief brush with fame would get him the sack.

As he lived at the hotel, he has lost his home too.

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