Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Six of the Best 86

What happened to Lib Dem use of social media? asks Simon McGrath on Liberal Democrat Voice.

Simon Goldie considers the similarities and tensions between liberalism and mutualism.

"I have resolved to take every opportunity to promote, purchase and indeed consume Moldovan wine, whenever and wherever possible. It is a tough job but someone has to do it," says Gauge Opinion. He is doing it because Moldova is being bullied by Russia because of its determination to tell the truth about the Soviet regime.

The Cat's Meat Shop shows us a remarkable Victorian anticipation of the internet - and its disadvantages: "Solitude would become impossible. The bliss of ignorance would be at an end. We should come near that most miserable of all conceivable conditions, of being able to oversee and overhear all that is being done or said concerning us all over London! Every bore's finger would be always on one's button; every intruder's hand on one's knocker; every good-natured friend's lips in one's ear."

The burden of being an ageing customer in record shops is considered by Crying All the Way to the Chip Shop.

The Boston Globe has some stunning colour photographs of the Russian Empire before the Revolution. The one I have, er, borrowed shows a group of Jewish children and their teacher in Samarkand (which is in modern Uzbekistan).

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