Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Rumi Verjee, the Lib Dems' major donor

The Financial Times Westminster blog reports that the Lib Dems have received a gift of £250,000 from Brompton Capital, a firm owned by the entrepreneur Rumi Verjee:

Verjee owns Thomas Goode, the Mayfair store, and is apparently friends with the likes of Elton John and Lord Snowdon. He qualified as a barrister before launching the first UK franchise of Domino’s Pizza in the 1980s.

He has a CBE for charitable work and is the son of Jimmy Verjee, well-known as a philanthropist in Uganda. Verjee has also been a shareholder in Watford football club although it is not clear whether that is still the case.

There is a little more about him on The Rumi Foundation website.

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Anonymous said...

What is about us and pizza moguls?