Friday, August 27, 2010

Waiting by Clun Bridge

I was waiting in Clun for the Secret Hills Shuttle to take me back to take me back to Bishop's Castle. Every time the light changed I felt compelled to take another photograph of the bridge.

There was a man sitting on a bench nearby smoking a cigarette. "Everyone takes lots of pictures here," he said. "There must be something about it."

He also confirmed my conclusion that the only place in Clun that a T-Mobile customer can get a signal is the top of the castle mound. He climbs up there several times a day to make calls.

Usually, when you get home after having taken lots of shots of the same scene, you find that the first one you took is the best. But I like the one above, which has an authentic Shropshire flavour.

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crewegwyn said...

Would that I had known - we ventured to Shropshire today, but tarried in Shrewsbury itself (where I saw the Bishops Castle bus).