Monday, August 23, 2010

Six of the Best 85

Writing on Liberal Democrat Voice, Norman Lamb tells us about Facing the Future. This is the party's new policy review that will "build on our existing and widely respected statement of Liberal Democrat philosophy, It’s About Freedom, and like the similar exercise that we carried out at the start of the 2005-10 Parliament, Meeting the Challenge ... set out the areas where the FPC will commission further work through this Parliament, and the approach it will take to developing policy in those areas". One point about the article: I do hope Norman will stop talking about the "balance" between liberty and security. He is a better Liberal than that.

Carl Minns - Thoughts from Hull finds proof of Labour's "reckless behaviour" in its last year of office.

The contrast between Leicester's "trophy" regeneration successes and the more shabby parts of the city has struck me - and Only in Leicester. His solution is a "sustained city-wide effort to reduce the levels of grime, graffiti, dereliction, litter, street clutter, etc - the things that everyone rightly moans about and which harm civic pride. I don't just mean city council controlled spaces either. A sharper stick needs to be used to prod private land owners to tidy up derelict areas, maintain heritage buildings, prevent fly tipping and remove rubbish. There are legal instruments such as Urgent Works Notices, Amenity Notices and even ASBOs at the council's disposal if they have the nerve to use them. There are also more gentle approaches such as community litter-picks and community reporting of issues."

And three links on blogging. Social Media Today has some tips for writing compelling blog posts. They are a little cheesy, but you may find some useful ideas here.

Blogging can be a hotbed of litigation, warns the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog.

And the city of Philadelphia is trying to sting bloggers $300 for a "business privilege license", says the Washington Examiner.

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