Friday, August 06, 2010

William Hague to address next month's Lib Dem Conference

Or so tomorrow's Daily Mail (I know, I know) reckons:

Tory sources suggest Mr Hague will give a 'witty' address, rather than focusing heavily on policy.

A source said: "It is potentially a rather tense occasion that could be difficult to handle. But William is brilliant at piercing that sort of tension with humour."

Yes, the Mail has more sources than [fill in the name of your favourite celebrity chef here, though it doesn't quite work.]

Oh, and:
LibDem Treasury Chief Secretary Danny Alexander and education minister Sarah Teather are expected to attend the Tory conference in October, but will have low-key roles, such as acting as chairmen of a fringe meeting.

Later. A note reaches me from Cowley Street:

William Hague is not part of the conference agenda and I can confirm that he has not been asked to speak at the Liberal Democrat conference. No Conservative ministers have ever been approached to speak at our conference.

Fringe events are still being finalised, and it is of course possible that an independent group may have invited Mr Hague to speak at their Fringe event. But this is no different to any other year and it is common for MPs of all parties to attend these events.

Given that we are part of a coalition government with the Conservatives, it would be a good idea if one of their senior members did address our Conference. Too many Liberal Democrats seem apologetic or depressed about the fact that we are in government.


Red Rag said...

The Lib Dems really know how to upset people in the party who are already very upset.William Hague to do stand up comedy.....has the party leaders gone mad?

What next for your conference a speech from Dan Hannan on the NHS?

Susan Gaszczak said...

If people want to hear Tories speak they can go to Tory conference.

Andrew Hickey said...

I think it would be a very bad idea indeed, actually. I'm certainly not apologetic about us being in government, but I do think that we need to be much better about distinguishing ourselves from the Tories, and having one of them speak to Conference would do the opposite of that.